Ten most powerful goals in football history

Football is a game of scoring goals. The team which scores the maximum number of goals in 90 minutes wins the game. Amidst this, there are players whose goals are so remarkable that they are written down as football history’s best goals. These goals leave the spectators amazed and become an inspiration for the upcoming football players.

There are many players known for their legendary goals. Cristiano Ronaldo, the greatest player of all times, while playing for Manchester United, scored a goal 40 yards away from the goalpost. This is one such goal out of many, which made history. Many talented players have given the best football history goals, making themselves legend for many.

Rules to be remembered while scoring a goal

Scoring a goal is not as easy as it seems. While the opponent team’s defenders tackle down the ball, it is important to remember rules while scoring goals in football.

  • While scoring the goal, the ball must cross the line on the goalpost.
  • Any part of the body can be used to score the goal except the hands and the arms. The players usually use legs and the head to score the goal.
  • The goalkeeper can touch the ball with any part of the body within 18 yards of the goalpost.
  • The player who is shooting should keep in mind to attack from behind the last defender. If the player is in front of the last defender, it will be called for an offside.
  • A goal is counted only when the ball touches an opponent player and goes into the goalpost in an indirect free kick.
  • In a direct freekick, a point is awarded even if the ball goes inside the goalpost directly.

These are a few, yet very important rules which are to be followed while scoring goals in football. Any rule not followed by a team player gives an advantage to the opponent team.

Powerful goals in the history of football

There are a lot of goals in football which are scored by many players. The goals which are remembered are the ones that leave the spectators, team members, and the team managers amazed. The powerful goals which require strength, strategy, and tricks are always appreciated because they are very well played.

Many players in every football tournament score such powerful goals. The wonderful goals have the power to knock the other team players down within a fraction of a second.

  • Ronny Henderson, a Brazilian footballer, still holds the record of the fastest and the most powerful goal in the history of football. In 2006, he fired a freekick, which was at the speed of 210.8 km/h. This record has not been broken by any of the football players yet.
  • Arjen Robben, who was playing for Real Madrid in 2009, scored an incredible goal with a speed of 190 km/h. It is one of the most powerful goals scored.
  • Steven Reid, a defender, scored a goal with a perfect position and clear angle, from 20 meters. He armed his feet and struck a shot which was nearly impossible to follow with the eyes. The shot was at the speed of 189 km/h and left everyone amazed.
  • Tony Yeboah, a Premier League legend playing for Leeds United, is known for his excellent air ball control once scored a goal at 154 km/h, which ended up in the top goal bar and finished in the net. It is considered to be one of the best goals in football. It is also the best goal the Premier League has ever witnessed.
  • David Trezeguet, a young Frenchman, scored an incredible shot against Manchester United. This shot was recorded at 154.4 km/h and appreciated because a young man scored a brilliant and powerful shot.
  • Roberto Carlos is considered one of the best freekick takers of all time. It is because of the shot he shot against France, where the French goalkeeper just stood still and till the time he could understand what happened, Carlos had scored a goal.
  • In 2007, Nigerian player, Obafemi Martins, Newcastle United’s player, scored an excellent goal against Tottenham, which was with full strength and was recorded at 135.1 km/h.
  • Turkish player Hami Mandirali shot his goal, which was first recorded at 266 km/h, and was said to be the fastest shot in the world. As it had a lot of controversies and questions as to how is it possible to shoot a shot at this speed – the speed of the shot was recently recalculated, and it came out to be 131 km/h, yet makes it one of the most excellently plotted shots.
  • Everyone knows the most renowned player of all time, David Beckham. This is one of the shots which made Beckham a legend. He tackled the ball and shot the shot from the half-line, which ended up directly into the net. This goal was recorded at 129.5 km/h.
  • A young age football player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, scored the most direct, brutal, and unexpected goal, which measured 125 km/h. This goal is said to be one of the most inspiring goals, full of tricks and methods.


The game of football is fascinating as it always builds up excitement in the viewers as to which team is going to win, which player scores the maximum goal, or which is that one goal that becomes the highlight of the whole match.

Best goals in football are always remembered and are used as a base to compare other goals in the future. Players in the team tend to reach the maximum competitive levels and try to score the maximum goals. Some players have scored powerful goals and have made history. Their names are written down in golden letters and are cherished for a lifetime. football increases the adrenaline rush in the spectators who have high expectations from the team they are supporting. This excitement makes the players play better and score legendary goals.


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