Football Anthems and Why Fans Sing Them

As we all know, every football club has its songs, and the fans love to sing them to show support to the clubs they love. The club people practice well before singing it in front of the audience. And this is the reason they sound so good even if they are not professional singers. One of the main reasons football anthem is made to support the players, also a fan club, which means each anthem represents each club. So we can say it is also to show the unique agenda behind every club. Each club has its tradition related to the back history in the anthem.

Where and how the tradition started

The football anthem is sung by the fans to show support and take pride in their club, and it is sometimes to show the opposite team the power of their team through words, and it all has a tradition behind it. According to Martin Carthy, it all started in the 19th century as war chants; people used to sing it in wars to encourage their leaders. And from this football chant started in 1880; the first song was invented in the 1880s by James Curran the song name was “ The Dooley Fitba,” which later in additional was termed “Fitba Crazy.” The oldest and main football song which people still sing is “On the Ball, City.” Albert Smith, in the 1980s, composed it.

Even in the 1880s the football was club-specific and was sung by the particular club fans only. Earlier the fans also used have limited club songs, which now changed into various chants. We know the club sometimes by their songs only.

Famous Football Anthems from Around the World

Some of the greatest football songs by the house clubs are:

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is the anthem for Manchester City, written in 1934 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Today, it is very popular and is considered a modern song, unlike the other traditional club songs.

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles anthem was written by John Kellett, Jaan Kenbrovi, James Kendis, James Brockman, and Nat Vincent and was released in 1918. The Fanclub performed the song in the 1920s. It is a traditional song that is still sung by fan club members.

You will never walk alone

This song is made by the fan club of Liverpool anthem, composed of the great singer Rodgers in 1945. It was first performed by the fan club in 1963.


The anthems are just the way of showing them respect and value of the club through words. It is to make the players feel good about the match they are playing. And it is a traditional aspect of showing our love to the players. Which the FCs do it very well. One of the main reason is that it holds an emotional and mental value and support. The players need to be motivated and feel good about their gameplay even if it goes wrong sometimes. It is a unique thing that players do to support their leaders and idols.


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