If you want to bet on soccer for this week’s games, there are many places you can go for predictions. There are some sites which will ask you to pay a small sum to gain the advice of their experts, whilst there are many others offering free predictions and advice. Equally, there may be some apps which can be downloaded which offer soccer predictions, but with the “hidden fee” of in-app adverts appearing.

Irrespective of where and how you get your soccer predictions, here are some ways that you can boost your chances of winning.


Never Blindly Accept a Prediction

Never blindly accept a soccer prediction or tip from a betting site, without first doing your own analysis. It is important to remember that the people who are providing the prediction or tip work for the bookmaker in some capacity, and, therefore, that is whom has first claims on their loyalty. Make sure that you have done your own analysis on matches, players, form etc. If what you have learned does not support what the experts are saying, then back your own judgement.


Stick to what you know

Some of the largest online sites will offer a choice of matches on which to bet. They will cover all the major leagues in Europe, the MLS, South America, and matches in Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East into the bargain.




But appealing as it may sound to bet on a Finnish league match or a South American derby, what do you really know about the teams and players involved, the conditions, or the form of the sides involved. Far better to stick to the league and the players that you follow on a regular basis, because then your bet will have a foundation of knowledge.

Keep Your Bet Simple

Bookmakers will offer predictions on almost everything that might occur in a football match. Here is just a small sample of what is available for the Inter Milan – Slavia Prague match in the Champions League:

  • Both teams to score
  • Correct Score
  • Anytime goal scorer
  • Total Corners
  • Asian Handicap
  • Last goal scorer
  • Winning Margin

However, the advice, unless you are a seasoned and experienced gambler, is to keep it simple, just bets on outcomes like the outcome of the match (win, lose, or draw), or the first team to score. The other bets may have better odds, but you would need a thorough understanding of the form of both teams and the players concerned before you should even consider these sorts of bets.

Bet on the Favourite

If you are betting on the outcome of a match between two teams, a wise move is always to bet on the favourite. It is true that soccer is an unpredictable game, and that surprise results happen all the time, but, the balance of probabilities is that a favourite will win more times than they lose. The odds may be shorter, but the chances of winning are greater.



Wait for the best time to place your bet

The best time to bet is generally just before the match on which you are betting is about to kick-off. This means that you will be able to take into account factors like the weather conditions, and which players are likely to be unavailable because of injuries or suspensions. Some bookmakers offer attractive bonuses or discounts for placing bets early. Such offers should be resisted because then you lose the opportunity to change your prediction.

Do not be swayed by emotion

One of the biggest mistakes that many punters make is to allow emotion to cloud their judgement. They will refuse to bet against their favourite team even if the odds are stacked against them, or they will bet on their favourite player to score, even though he is in a poor run of form.  Let your head, not your heart, rule your betting strategy.

Don’t just take the first odds you see

If a betting site is making a soccer prediction and offering odds against it, then don’t just accept what they are offering. No two bookmakers will offer the same odds on the same event, so be prepared to shop around and find the best offer available.




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