History of Australian Football

GoalFrom its humble beginnings to its current stature, Australian Football has captivated thousands and even millions of people. Embark on a historical journey that spans over 150 years of activity. Discover the game's origins, the first rules, and early competition. You'll read about the sport's spread to other colonies, the emergence of the VFL, and the effects that both world wars had on the game. Finally, you'll learn about interstate football and the Australian National Football Council as well as the club's expansion toward national club competition.

Rules of the Game

DefenseHere you can read up on the rules and regulations of Australian Football. From regulation field size to match duration (when the game glock stops and continues, how the games are divided, etc.), you'll learn about the requirements to play the game at the highest level. You'll also discover the rules/laws of general play and how scoring works. For example, did you know that the ball and the field are roughly the same shape? Do you know how to read an official score line of a game?

Australian Football Culture

Chest BumpThis sport is rich in tradition and cultural references, especially surrounding game day rituals for players, officials, and supporters. Novels, poetry, and films have been inspired by Australian Football. The sport is no longer only played in its mother nation, but across the globe. While not as popular internationally as Europen football (also known in America as soccer), Australian football's popularity is growing globally, both professionally and at the amateur level. The rules may change as you move among different nations, but the spirit and passion of the game doesn't.

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